I have entered this race to STAND AGAINST tyranny, to build the coalition’s necessary to stop this madness, to right the wrong  in Washington. I believe in defending the CONSTITUTION.


Smaller Federal Government:

The United States of America consists of 50 states, united together as a country.  Our founding fathers thought that distinction was significant enough to keep the states in our country’s name. 

Founding father Thomas Paine said, “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil.” There is a role for the federal government to play in setting standards across the states of our great country, but many structural rules can, and should, be determined at the state level.  For instance, the federal government has enacted laws that make it challenging for insurance companies (health, car, home) to compete across state lines and Infrastructure investments in states get delayed for literally years due to the complexity of the process of obtaining matching federal funding.  Social programs biased against conservative values in favor of liberal values have been “institutionalized” into the federal budget. These incursions are an unacceptable overreach of federal power. The priorities of a liberal state like California should not be imposed on a conservative state like Florida. Federal programs need to be constructed with the “customers”, i.e. the individual states, choice and accessibility as a priority, for instance low interest loan programs for states to proceed with approved infrastructure spending.  I object to my taxpayer dollars being used to support a sanctuary city, for instance, among other things which I believe are unlawful and immoral.


Use The Proper Process To Make Our Great Country Better:

Our justice system was designed to ensure compliance with our laws, not to change them based on an individual judge’s interpretation of what’s “better” for society.  The legislative branch, i.e. Local & state government and Congress, are the platforms designated to revise those laws. The two-party system we have in America that makes it a partisan impossibility to give the other party a win has degraded the Congress’ ability to legislate and causes damage to our country.  The House has a duty to provide oversight of the Executive Branch, but it doesn’t have the right to re-write the rules to achieve a political goal. We’re a county of immigrants, but we can’t just abandon our laws (in sanctuary cities) because as a population we’re disgusted that our lawmakers can’t seem to fix our broken immigration system.  Illegal aliens who broke our laws to come to our great country should not be rewarded when many from other countries who would have loved to live here obeyed our laws and returned home to their countries. Children of all law breakers (both citizens and non-citizens) live the consequences of their adult guardians’ poor decision making; it’s unfortunate but unacceptable to reward the beneficiaries of those illegal actions.  The immigration system needs to be revised and managed with clear parameters known to all and enforced, taking into account threats to our country and population assimilation into existing communities (for the good of America rather than establishing mini-countries within our borders). Mass shootings using illegally obtained weapons by citizens opting to act out against our society won’t be resolved by attempting to restrict law-abiding citizens’ rights to bear arms; we need to protect and defend our soft targets by other means.  Lawmaking is only successful when the House prepares and presents potential laws with bi-partisan support in both houses of Congress. Otherwise, it's an exercise in futility. Progress comes through compromise, which means meeting the needs of the many rather than pushing for the needs of the few to make a point rather than making a more productive place for us all to live and thrive.


Foreign Policy:

The USA historically has played a role of encouraging and fostering democracies around the world and in that role, we have assumed a financial responsibility for political stability around the world.  Much to the consternation of some of our allies, President Trump took quite dramatic steps to change the dynamic and require foreign governments to bear their share of the financial burden for protecting their countries, which I fully support.  The USA is perceived as the great moderator and facilitator of peace, which I support, but I don’t believe it is our responsibility to be the world’s wallet. In many ways, the USA is the only country that can provide a platform for resolution of many the world’s disagreements (such as in North Korea,), but it doesn’t follow that we have to pay for them.  I 100% support Israel and pray for peace in the Middle East including in Iran. Citizens of these war and oppressive regimes, envy and yearn for our freedoms and peaceful society. With the discovery and development of natural gas reserves in the USA, we were able to provide energy dependent countries with alternative options that would change the balance of power in many regions. Under Biden and the Democrats with support of Representatives like Soto, We went from Energy independent, to being Energy dependent on other countries (many not necessarily our friends).




The public school system needs to be fixed. Our children are not being taught history, or economics, or even our process of government. We need to hold schoolteachers accountable to the Pledge of Allegiance being recited in their classrooms. We need citizens to become involved in their schools’ social studies programs with regard to political activism. We women need to get involved to ensure that girls restrooms and lockers are safe for our children.   Schools should be non-partisan. They should be balanced, historically accurate, safe, inclusive learning spaces.

Our higher education system is broken, and the government endorsed financial incentives that created the situation need to be analyzed and revised.

I strongly support the re-invigoration of our trade schools and we should give incentives to students that train to fulfill needed skills within our economy and community.  

The 9th Congressional District of Florida is a rich area for trade Schools, and I want to work with community leaders to better cultivate industries to build or expand in our district.

I believe that the opportunity for industrial and trade schools should be made available to all in the 9th Congressional District of Florida.  Giving industry a trained and educated work force will assist us in cultivating new businesses to look at our District to expand into.



Absolute Respect For Law Enforcement:

All police officers were put on this earth for our use, to figure out where we were when   lost, to provide safety from the bully who was threatening us, to protect us from danger when changing the tire on our car on the highway, or whatever happened to be our need.  I’m also 100% supportive of our law enforcement officers. There needs to be a vigorous oversight program and way to report abuse but there’s no excuse or acceptable situation for defying a police officer’s situational authority.



Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech:

I believe that our great country has been created and expanded by the inclusion of many different cultures and many competing ideas, but it was based on the foundation of an inherent obligation to our Creator set out in part in the Ten Commandments.  It was, and is, a “live and let live” concept of government. In recent years, there has been a push towards an “approve of and empower my decisions/beliefs” with a view of changing and indoctrinating our citizens that, in my opinion, is unacceptable.  Sharia Law is NOT superior to US law and should not be allowed where it conflicts with US law. My personal moral code is more stringent than US law, but I don’t expect to impose that rule on my neighborhood. I DO expect to be free to express my opinion if it complies with US law.  Any law considering prohibiting the teaching of any single word of the Bible is unacceptable and should be fought with all our might. The biggest problem with restricting any speech, no matter how objectionable it may be, is that when power shifts as it always does, your beliefs and opinions could be the next “objectionable” banned discussion.  We MUST defend and protect freedom and use laws and the enforcement of those laws to continue to protect our society.



Life Is Precious:

Man was created in God’s image and all life is to be protected, I 100% support s recent Heartbeat Bills being passed around the country. I will always do everything in my power to protect the unborn.

We need to protect our children from pedophilia and other sexual assault.  Increasingly progressive sex education in schools strips our children of their innocence way too early.  This gender identification in grammar school and Transvestite reading circles in libraries boarders on child abuse.

We need to make sure we are fighting in Florida against these abuses by supporting programs that are diligent in seeking them out and preventing them from happening.  Proactive protection will be my mantra.



Our Current Citizens And Veterans First:

Our country is one of the most generous when responding to humanitarian needs outside and inside our borders.  Unfortunately, I believe some of these priorities have become skewed against the benefit of our citizens in favor of others.  There’s no doubt that we are a “wealthy” nation compared to most others, and that lots of people need lots of support. However, my family was always required to live on a budget, and so must we as a nation.  We MUST provide for our own citizens first. We MUST take care of our veterans first who have sacrificed and fought for the protection and interests of our country at home and abroad.