Alycia Barnard for Congress

9th Congressional District of Florida


The Biden administration won’t rest until our great nation has surrendered our sovereignty to the world and destroyed everything that once made our nation GREAT!

So much damage has been done by Democrats since January 20th that we need, no, we must have strong and balanced Statesmen and women to run for Congress. We don’t need ones who make noise, but lack the RESOLVE, the STRENGTH and the FORTITUDE to do what it takes to say NO to the career politicians who are hell bent on the destruction of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 


That’s why I entered this race. To STAND AGAINST tyranny, to build
the coalition’s necessary to stop this madness, to right the wrong 
in Washington. I believe in 
defending the CONSTITUTION.
  • In the 2ND AMENDMENT
  • In supporting our VETERANS



I am NOT going to DC just to make noise about what I believe in. I’m going to DC to take the ACTION that promotes change. 



Alycia Barnard, Empowering people, not more Government.   

In DC Republicans make noise yet lack the will to really fight. I am up to fight the good fight. I will not stop fighting for all our rights and I will NEVER stop defending our constitution and everything that made our country GREAT! 

We need change in this country, and we need strong,serious and qualified people to fight for us now more than ever before.

In 2022 we have a choice to make.
Let’s deliver for Florida! 
Let’s deliver for America! 
Let’s elect a Republican and
turn the 9th District RED! 
Vote Alycia Barnard for Congress!!!

The Democrats have turned this great country upside down and Congress must gain the ability to right all the wrongs of this current Presidency!

We sit at the right time in history to flip this district so Darren Soto cannot enact anymore socialist policies. The only way to take advantage of what’s going on in DC is to elect new servant leaders that are strong, structured and have a working knowledge of just what the issues are…..and what needs to be done to stop the madness of Washington.

I’m a fresh face, a new candidate. And I’m ready to go to work for all of us! We can be better than we were yesterday.  If You want a servant leader who isn’t delusional about what they can effect if elected, Elect me! 

As the great Abraham Lincoln once said, “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the constitution but to overthrow the men who would pervert the constitution.” Hello Mr. Joe Biden. He has trampled all over our constitution and he must be controlled. I intend on running with everything I have and flipping this seat and making it a Republican seat and I don’t really care what redistricting does to it, Soto must go, and I plan on being that candidate that sends him home. 

The United States is the greatest country on earth!American exceptionalism is under attack right now. We have a president that can’t even tell what day it is….and he has access to our nuclear codes? This man and those ruining this country, MUST BE STOPPED!

If we’ve ever seen an important moment in history… This is it! We’ve lived through a pandemic to an endemic! There has never been a more important time for the people of the United States of America to have the best of healthcare. The government has no business dictating how a doctor treats his/her patients. We need to put our people first, Our country first. 

American energy independence has never been more important. We don’t need oil from Saudi Arabia.  We want our gas pumped from American companies Just look at the cost of gas at the pump. There is no excuse.

This administration has chosen instead to spend our money overseas and give us nothing in return. Our oil supply is more than sufficient.

There is no reason we should have to pay the price for incompetent leadership and no reason to re-elect a congressman like Darren Soto who approves of these disastrous policies. We need real solutions. And like I said, we need serious people to promote and fight to get those solutions implemented. In 2022 we have a choice to make. Let’s deliver for Florida! Let’s deliver for America! Let’s elect a Republican and turn the 9th District RED! Vote Alycia Barnard!!!

On August  23, 2022 elect Alycia Barnard for Congress.